5 Steps to better wellbeing you can take today

There might not be one, magical trick to great health, but there are a tonne of small things we can do each day and week that add up to better wellbeing.

Whether you want to give your body a boost or massage your mind, there are plenty of small exercises and changes that will fit into anybody’s day. Here’s some of our favourites.


Drink four large glasses of water
Okay, so everybody knows that they need to do this. The fact that not everybody does do it means it bears repeating! Water may not have the caffeine kick that you’re used to or be a taste sensation to rival the fizzy options, but it is the best thing you can drink throughout the day!

Mostly that’s because water is simply the best way to stay hydrated, and when you stay hydrated you can avoid migraines, low moods, and even bowel issues. There’s definitely a time and place for all the other drinks, but the power of water can’t be underestimated.


Have a stretch
When you’re sitting for large chunks of the day it’s important to counteract all of that hunching and compression.

A few basic stretches, such as lengthening your neck, arching and flexing your back, or even just standing up and having a walk around can make a big difference and keep you from seizing up. And you don’t have to make time for them, you can stretch off while walking to the loo or waiting on the kettle boiling, it’s the movement that’s important, not when you do it. Which leads us on nicely to….


Get moving
The power of movement should never be underestimated. You don’t have to hit the gym every morning before work (although props to you if you do!), but building a bit of walking or even a little dance session into the day will help boost mood, work out the kinks, and get your heart beating faster. All good things, we’re sure you can agree. It’ll probably take you longer to choose the perfect song than it will to do the exercise, that’s how little is actually needed each day.

If you can swap motor transport for walking or cycling then it won’t be long until you start feeling the benefits. If not, then committing to a weekly walk around your local area is a positive step that everyone can take.


Take your days off seriously

You can’t work all the time, that’s why we get days off. With all the stresses in the world it’s more important than ever that we take our time off just as seriously as our time at work.

Make sure your weekend/day off has some activity in it that’s totally, unashamedly for you. A hobby, a treat, a nap. Any of these things will give your brain an important chance to rest and regather itself. It’s not about being able to come back to work stronger the next day, it’s about having the best work life balance so you can enjoy both equally.


Find a new hobby

With all that extra energy you’ll have, the time has never been better to pick up a new hobby. Getting stuck in and learning a new skill might seem frivolous, but starting at the bottom and seeing improvements is actually really good for boosting self esteem and confidence. And if you don’t enjoy it, you can pick something else that’s a better fit!


So there you have it, five small steps that you can do today to improve your wellbeing and mental health. What will you do first?

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