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As friends of ART Health Solutions, your insights are invaluable in shaping the future direction of One Wellbeing. This page will guide you through the simple steps to download, test, and provide feedback on our app, aimed at improving users' health and wellbeing. Your feedback is crucial, helping us refine and enhance the app to transform the lives of future users. Let's make One Wellbeing the best it can be, together!

About One Wellbeing

One Wellbeing simplifies the journey to better health by cutting through the noise and confusion surrounding wellbeing. It offers straightforward, scientifically proven challenges designed to help users manage the daily stresses of life. By focusing on simple actions, users are placed in the best position to thrive both personally and professionally. One Wellbeing supports individual paths to wellbeing, while fostering a culture of support within the community. It is committed to motivating and celebrating each user as they achieve their personal milestones.

One Wellbeing is designed to motivate users to engage in activities that research has demonstrated have a beneficial impact on wellbeing. By completing daily activities, users can accumulate points, with the goal being to maintain consistency to form meaningful habits. These points contribute to the development of an avatar, which evolves from a seed to a sapling, then to a young tree, and ultimately matures into a full-grown tree. Upon reaching full maturity, the user has the option to donate their avatar, transforming it from a virtual tree into an real one. In partnership with “One Tree Planted,” a sapling can be planted, allowing it to contribute positively to the environment by reducing CO2 levels in the atmosphere.

Benefits of Participation

  • Get exclusive access to One Wellbeing
  • Have your say on the future direction of One Wellbeing
  • Engage with personalised challenges, data insights, and wellbeing activities that encourage you to explore new habits, understand your health better, and make impactful changes
  • Contribute to your personal and environmental sustainability
  • Be at the forefront of wellbeing innovation

So how do you take part? 

Step One: Download the app

One Wellbeing is now available on both iOS and Android devices. Click on the relevant icon  below to download.


Step Two: Join our community using our Invite Code

Once you have the app downloaded, you can open it and you will be greeted with the log in screen. Click on the “Register Using Your Invite Code” button at the bottom of the screen. The invite code will connect you to our user community programme.



Step 3: Set up your account on the app

You will now continue through the onboarding process and will be prompted to create your account for the programme.


Step 4: Join our WhatsApp Community

Make sure you join our WhatsApp community to keep updated on the latest announcements, Q&A sessions and polls.

Click on the icon to join!


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We hope you enjoy the experience!