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Are you in full-time employment?

Are you currently following a mix of office/home working?

Are you aged 18 or above?

Do you have a Fitbit, Garmin or Apple smartwatch/fitness tracker?

Interested in finding out how a nutritional supplement can help optimise your health & performance?

ART's vision is a world with healthier, happier and higher performing people. We provide digital solutions to support the health, wellbeing and performance of employees.

We have engaged the services of our trusted partner, PrecisionBiotics, to operate a project to assess the impact of Zenflore® on mental performance and fatigue throughout life’s daily challenges.

The benefits to taking part:
  • Receive a FREE 12-week course of Zenflore nutritional supplements.
  • Gain premium access to ART’s smartphone app, Omics, to assess your cognitive function & readiness to work.
  • Receive monthly insight reports to support your long-term health & wellbeing.
  • Be empowered to make effective lifestyle changes to maximise your wellbeing & performance.

What’s involved?

The project will last for 12 weeks, and each participant will be asked to complete the following actions:

1. Daily supplement

Take one Zenflore capsule at the beginning of each working day.

2. Cognitive tests

Complete three cognitive performance tests per week and answer self-reported questions using Omics.

3. Smartwatch data

Provide physical wellbeing data by linking your smartwatch/fitness tracker with Omics.

4. Questionnaires

Complete an online pre-project, 6 week and post-project questionnaire.

Who are we?

Our mission is to empower people to take the best care of their wellbeing by creating cutting edge technologies that deliver data-driven, actionable insights.

PrecisionBiotics are a global scientific, research and development clinically studied global supplements expert in bacterial cultures (also known as probiotics), with a focus on finding specific strains to support specific health conditions and needs.

Their unique heritage and expertise enables them to look for one-in-a- trillion solutions and empower people to live healthier, happier lives, via developing nutritional products that customers can trust and believe in. PrecisionBiotics is part of Novozymes OneHealth, the Human Health Unit of one of the world’s leading biotech companies, the Novozymes Group.

Find out how a nutritional supplement can help optimise your health & performance

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