Eleanor Lumsden

Graphic Designer


What does your job involve?

I help make the communications we send to clients, whether it is through the app or letter, look professional and easy to digest. This involves creating graphics, formatting text and creating layouts. I help pull together different imagery and words that tell clients what we do and how we do it in an interesting and engaging way.


What’s your background?

When I was trying to think of what I wanted to do after school I had a hard time trying to think of what I was going to do. I wanted to have an adventure and move out of Scotland, where I am from, so I chose to do a Human Geography Degree in Newcastle. Nature and sustainability are very important to me, and I have always wanted to help people. After I graduated in 2020 I had time to think more about what I wanted to do. I realised that I would not enjoy a research job. I did a variety of free lance design projects and published some of the work that I had done previously, which helped me realise this was the career path I wanted to follow.


What do you like most about working at ART?

ART really live by their values. The focus on the work environment and the health of all the employees is central to everything they do, which helpes create a really positive, inspiring and energetic culture.