Sprint Overview

Welcome to the Moodsonic Sprint!

This Sprint is an opportunity to directly impact the future of our work environments at GSK! Here, we introduce you to the potential of soundscaping to revolutionise our new headquarters, enhancing both productivity and wellbeing.

What's Moodsonic All About?

Moodsonic is our innovative approach to integrating the natural benefits of sound into the office, mitigating noise distractions and fostering a focus-friendly environment. It’s where science meets technology to create a workspace that not only looks but also feels conducive to professional excellence.

Our Goals

Our sprint is designed to uncover the optimal use of soundscaping within our premises. We aim to determine the most effective sounds for enhancing different workspaces, contributing to GSK’s vision of becoming the healthiest building in the world. Your participation will help us:

– Assess the added value of Moodsonic in our work environment
– Identify soundscapes that improve workplace experience
– Validate the contribution of our solutions to our overarching health and wellbeing goals

By engaging in this initiative, you'll participate in cognitive tasks and surveys, seamlessly integrated into your workday within our Workplace Performance Hub. Your experiences with Moodsonic’s soundscapes will offer invaluable insights into our research.

Why Your Participation Matters – Your involvement offers several benefits, not just for GSK, but for your personal and professional development:

  • Experience working in a cutting-edge workspace in the Workplace Performance Hub
  • Understand the impact of soundscapes on your cognitive performance and wellbeing
  • Be part of evidence-based research that will shape the future of GSK’s workspaces
  • Discover personal wellbeing practices through data-driven insights
  • Track and understand your cognitive trends over time
  • Share your work experience and thoughts anonymously, influencing our workspace evolution

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Participation Details

Contributing to this sprint requires only 5-10 minutes per day for cognitive tasks via the Omics App, with a minimum engagement of three tasks weekly, alongside completing a weekly survey.

Your insights are instrumental in driving innovation and implementing meaningful change in work environment.

Join us in this pivotal project, where your participation will help shape the workspace of the future at GSK.

Thank you for your support 👏

We hope you enjoy the experience!