Hybrid Working Report

Hybrid Working: What’s Your Strategy?

Throughout the course of the past 12 months, organisations have increasingly turned to hybrid ways of working to support the continuity of their operations in a pandemic effected landscape.

Many are now developing long term hybrid strategies as they have recognised the importance of offering employees flexibility in terms of their working locations.

Creating an effective strategy will be critical in order to support the health & wellbeing of all employees. Across 2021, ART Health Solutions collected a unique data set to establish how such hybrid ways of working impact employee health, wellbeing & performance.

From the thousands of data points we collected using objective data collection technology, it is clear that a one size fits all approach will not provide employees with the approach they need moving forward.

A hybrid strategy needs to be more nuanced, more employee-centric and take into account several variables that differ across and within organisations. We’ve created a “Hybrid Working Report” that summarises the key findings from our dataset and provides simple recommendations that all organisations should consider when developing their own hybrid working strategy.

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