Bringing Science to the Workplace

Delivering robust data insights, through rigorous measurement, giving organisations an accurate assessment of how their workspaces impacts their employees

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Employee wellbeing

Measure factors affecting wellbeing in the workplace and identify key risks to the long term health of your employees.

Employee performance

Gather objective data relating to how your workspaces impact employee performance and establish opportunities to enhance long-term productivity.

Staff attraction & retention

Accurately assess the effect of your workspaces on employee satisfaction and sentiment, identifying actionable insights to inspire organisational change.

Real estate efficiencies

Collect data to reveal how your workspaces are performing and impacting employees, providing evidence to inform future design and strategy.

What we do

We measure the relationship between staff wellbeing, performance and workspaces, delivering aggregated findings that highlight key risks and opportunities for change.

The data we collect enables evidence-based decisions that have a real and meaningful impact across your workspaces.

ART’s measurement expertise has enabled clients to create workspaces that have driven employee wellbeing & performance improvements:

32% better
due to lighting
6% less stressed
compared to
office environment
13% improved
short-term memory
with home working
24% increase
in satisfaction
with SMART workspace

How we do it

We gather data scientifically to create an accurate picture of the factors that affect your employees’ workplace wellbeing and performance.

Our experts utilise scientific tools and technology to measure the aspects of your workspaces that significantly impact business performance.

Using sophisticated data processing technology and expert insight, we magnify findings and recommend tangible actions.



Measure aspects such as sleep, posture, physical activity and readiness to work.


Performance Tests

Mobile cognitive performance tests to assess employee decision making, memory and distractibility using our Smartphone App, Omics.


Environmental sensors

Understand the impact of workspace environmental factors including lighting, acoustics and air quality.


Subjective surveys

Assessment of mental wellbeing, asset satisfaction and employee sentiment.

Before there was no way of knowing how our workspaces were performing and if there was any correlation between employee performance and some of these factors. This is very useful, not only do we know now that our head office is performing well but we are also able to apply this data to drive efficiencies in the maintenance and operation of our buildings.

Director, Worldwide Real Estate