One Wellbeing Pricing

Pricing plans that grow with you

To keep it simple, our pricing is based on the size of your team

Here at ART Health Solutions, we believe our products work at their best when they are in their complete form. That’s why we don’t put your One Wellbeing access behind paywalls – no matter what you pay, you’ll always have full access to the entire One Wellbeing solution.

Launch Pricing

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Band 1

1-10 employees


Band 1

1-10 employees


Per user, per month*

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Band 1

1-10 employees


Per user, per year*

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All plans include:

One Wellbeing dashboard for the One Wellbeing Project Lead

One Wellbeing smartphone app for each user

Challenges and recommendations – personalised to each user

Daily check-ins

Daily metrics

Troubleshooting support

The Business Benefits

  • Amplify the health and happiness of your employees.
  • Development of a fit for purpose wellbeing strategy.
  • Continued engagement with teams and employees.
  • Embark on a journey towards sustainable health & wellbeing for your organisation.
  • Deliver significant ROI and improve overall business performance.

The Employee Benefits

  • Access to personalised, data-driven and actionable insights.
  • Begin the journey towards long-term health and wellbeing.
  • Empower individuals to make effective & sustainable lifestyle changes.
  • Develop resilience, energy and happiness through healthier habits.

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