One Wellbeing

Your Workplace Wellbeing. For Everyone, Everyday

Are you employing the right strategy to enhance the health & wellbeing of your employees?

Good Wellbeing = High Performance

ART data shows that top performing employees prioritise good wellbeing habits achieving 74% more physical activity, 32% better quality sleep and reporting higher levels of happiness

One Wellbeing provides employees with the opportunity to monitor and enhance their wellbeing…

…whilst delivering evidence to support where, when and how to perform at their best.

Our service futureproofs the long-term health & performance of your employees, retaining and attracting the best talent to your business.


Measure & optimise employee performance through data driven insights


Empower employees to help them feel & perform at their best more often


Enhance employee wellbeing through expert analysis and positive behaviour change

How it works

The ART “Omics” App combined with smartwatch technology provides data driven wellbeing & performance support

This remote product offers a simple, affordable and measurable solution to optimise workforce wellbeing & performance at the touch of a button.

One Wellbeing offers employees key personal and actionable insights to inform behaviour, whilst delivering aggregated data, key findings and health & wellbeing benchmarking for employers.


Employees download "Omics" App and sync their smartwatch

All data collection is fully GDPR compliant and is securely maintained


ART team process and analyse data on a daily basis

Data is collected in a remote & passive manner minimising employee disruption


Employees receive weekly insight report with actions to enhance wellbeing

Employers track success through aggregated monthly reports

The Business Benefits

  • Futureproof your workforces health & happiness
  • Development of a fit for purpose wellbeing strategy to help attract & retain top talent
  • Mitigate risk by meeting approved health & wellbeing standards
  • Deliver significant ROI and improve overall business performance

The Employee Benefits

  • Access to expert insight to support long-term health
  • Enhanced performance through evidence-based action & daily work practices
  • Empower individuals to make effective & sustainable lifestyle changes
  • Create a more resilient, energetic & happier version of themselves

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