Your Fitbit Device


How often should I wear my Fitbit?

  • We advise you to wear your Fitbit all of the time, including while you sleep, as this will provide valuable sleep data.


How often do I need to sync my Fitbit? 

  • We advise you to sync your Fitbit daily, this will reduce lag in uploading your data


When can I take my Fitbit off?

  • You can take the device off for special occasions, but we do ask you to wear it as often as possible


Is my Fitbit Waterproof?

  • All Fitbit devices are water resistant, which means they are able to combat rain and sweat. However, not all Fitbits are safe for swimming – please see the Fitbit website for further detail about your device


What should I do if I already have a Fitbit account?

  • For the purposes of the project and protecting your anonymity, you will need to create a new account


What if I have other family members on my Fitbit account?

  • For the purposes of the project we ask you to only have your project device connected to your account


What if I go on holidays?

  • It is up to you whether you choose to wear it while on holiday, we do ask you to let ART know the dates you will be away. This allows us to exclude that period of data, so to not skew the results


Which hand should I wear my Fitbit on?

  • You should wear the device on your non dominant hand, to provide the most accurate readings


How often does my Fitbit need charging?

  • Your Fitbit can last up to 4 days, depending on your settings


How long does it take to charge?

  • Your Fitbit should only take a few hours to charge fully


What if the strap starts to irritate me?

  • Irritation is likely to come from wearing the band too tight; sweat, water, or soap residue on the strap; or from pressure or friction against the skin. We advise you to clean and dry the strap initially. If this does not work, try another fabric strap to relieve the symptoms. Please inform a member of ART staff if you have further problems.


Should I wear my Fitbit when I sleep?

  • We ask you to sleep with your Fitbit on, as it provides us with really insightful sleep data



Can I connect my Fitbit to other devices?

  • For the purposes of the project we ask you to only have your project device connected to your account


How do I reset my device?

  • Press and hold the main button to restart your device, for several seconds. When you see the Fitbit logo and the device vibrates, the device restarted.


How do I add my Fitbit watch to my account?

  • During the initial account set up, the device should detect your phone app and ask to connect. If this does not occur, the tap the today tab, then tap your profile picture. Tap Set Up a Device, which will allow you to connect the Fitbit. Choose your device and follow the on-screen instructions to continue.


What happens if the Bluetooth connection doesn’t work between my watch and phone?

Force quit and then reopen the Fitbit app. 2. Go to Settings > Bluetooth and turn Bluetooth off and back on. 3. Restart your mobile phone and/or the Fitbit device. If the issue continues please see Fitbits website for more information: