How we can Add Value to Your Business

Our Services

Welcome to the ART Health Solutions website. We deliver robust data insights, using scientific methods, to help organisations enhance employee wellbeing, performance and experience. This page is designed to provide you with an overview of our unique services in order for you to understand how we could add signficant value to your business and its employees.

1. Who Are We?

Firstly, lets provide you with some background information to help you understand who we are, our skills & expertise and our mission & values


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2. What Do We Do?

Now you understand more about us and what we’re trying to achieve, lets look at how we can help you drive a better workplace experience for your employees, based on evidence based data, which will ultimately help deliver business growth and profits. Click on the link below to access our Company Overview



3. Case Studies

Hopefully you can now see how our solutions can provide your business with the data it needs to future proof the health & wellbeing of your employees through effective workplace strategies and ways of working. We’ve helped many mutlinational clients to understand the impact their workspaces have across the different teams and personas that make up their workforce. Read the two case studies below to find out more


COVID Home Working Study


4. A Bespoke Solution

Our aim is to develop a bespoke solution, based around our core services, that maximise value to our clients. By answering the following questions, our team will be able to tailor our approach to meet your needs.

  1. What does wellbeing & performance mean to you and your employees?
  2. Which workspaces would be the focus of any measurement project e.g. HQ, regional hubs, home working etc?
  3. How many employees and across what business units, would you be interested in measuring and why?
  4. What are the key obstacles that you face within your organisation related to the creation of a positive workplace experience for your employees?
  5. How do you currently measure the performance of your workspaces and how they impact employee wellbeing & performance?
  6. What are the key outputs required from a workspace project to maximise value to senior stakeholders within the business?
  7. What are the main drivers behind any workspace related project?


5. The Next Steps

Below is a step by step guide to the process moving forward to help take this from an idea to a fully functioning project that can help you make evidence based decisions to inform future workplace strategies. Each stage of the process is designed to enhance the quality of the data we collect and the value of the insights we provide.

Now you have a better idea of our company, how we can deliver value to you & your employees and the information we require in order to progress matters, we would love to arrange a call with you and your team to discuss your needs in more detail. We can then develop a bespoke proposal for you that we’ll deliver within 7 days of that call. Our Chief Strategy Officer, Paul Smith, will be in touch within the next 5 days to arrange a call with you. If you’d like to contact Paul directly, please email him at