Well BI

Creating healthier, high performing employees by connecting workplace insights with wellbeing

Connecting workplace insights with wellbeing has enhanced performance by over 30%, wellness by 9% and workplace desirability by 35% across our client’s workforces


Identify, measure & benchmark key wellbeing & performance drivers across multiple workspaces & employee types


Targeted, data driven insights to inform development of workplace strategies that drive effective & measurable results


Optimise long-term employee wellbeing, inspire sustainable high performance and create health enabling workspaces

How it works

We combine pioneering technology with scientific process allowing passive, consistent and objective assessment of employee wellbeing & performance.

Our data collection techniques can be deployed globally and fit seamlessly into your employees day, providing accurate & actionable insights


ART’s unique smartphone app, “Omics” measures employee performance using scientifically validated tasks.


Pulse surveys track employee sentiment towards the workplace, monitor mental wellbeing and assess working practices


Smartwatch technology to accurately assesses key wellbeing metrics including sedentary time, resting heart rate and sleep

All data collection is fully GDPR compliant and is securely maintained.

Stakeholder reports provide objective evidence to inform future strategy development, whilst individual employee reports guide positive behaviour change to enhance wellbeing & performance

The Business Benefits

  • Futureproof your workforces health & happiness
  • Create fit for purpose workspaces that enable high performance & enable employee health
  • Benchmark performance against industry competitors
  • Deliver significant ROI and improve overall business performance
  • Include employee health and wellbeing on your organisational digital transformation journey

The Employee Benefits

  • Access to expert insight to support long-term health
  • Evidence and data to support healthy & best performing environments
  • Empower individuals to make effective lifestyle changes
  • Develop habits, routines and rituals that support greater personal health and workplace performance
  • Individualised and bespoke recommendations for each employee

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