News: Launch of One Wellbeing Product

Poor employee wellbeing is a serious issue that has a significant impact on absenteeism, presenteeism, work performance and staff turnover. Current figures suggest absenteeism alone is costing the UK economy £21 billion per year. Businesses of all shapes and sizes need to be proactive in their approach to health & wellbeing to ensure they retain and attract the best talent whilst allowing them to be able to feel & perform at their best more often.

Following extensive market research and several requests from business leaders, we are delighted to announce the launch of our One Wellbeing product designed to support SME’s in delivering effective and sustainable wellbeing support to their employees at the touch of a button.

To mark the launch we are offering all companies who sign up in June 2021 a free one month’s subscription. Contact us to find out more

Why is it needed?

Our research has highlighted that Small Business owners would love to provide their employees with better quality wellbeing programmes but face several challenges in their attempts to provide this:

  1. Time

Business leaders are busy people so finding the time to develop a wellbeing programme in a small business is a significant challenge

  1. Return on Investment

There are many areas of the business on which to spend budgets and often wellbeing programmes offer no way to objectively measure the ROI

  1. Knowledge

Many business leaders feel they lack the expertise to deliver impactful wellbeing initiatives

How One Wellbeing Helps

Integrating our Omics smartphone app with smartwatch technology, One Wellbeing provides a remote, simple and impactful solution that helps Business Leaders overcome these barriers

  1. Time

One Wellbeing requires minimal input from Business Leaders as our expert team complete all the in depth analysis required to support employees

  1. Return on Investment

One Wellbeing is driven by objective data derived from your own employees, allowing concise measurement of the wellbeing & performance impact

  1. Knowledge

ART’s expert team of human performance specialists provide personalised insights based on your employees own data to enhance long term wellbeing & performance


One Wellbeing is a fully remote product that can be delivered on global scale. With prices starting from £25 per employee for a 3 month programme, it really is the cost-effective, data driven wellbeing service you need to transform your employees long-term health.

To read more about how you can integrate One Wellbeing into your business click here

Sign up to our One Wellbeing service in June 2021 and receive a month’s free’s subscription.

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