ART Health Solutions teams up with the Atlantic Technological University and All Paul Together to begin pioneering research into Motor Neurone Disease.

Collaborating with the Atlantic Technological University in Letterkenny and All Paul Together, ART Health Solutions is utilising its technology to characterise the lifestyle factors associated with MND (Motor Neurone Disease).

By monitoring areas such as sleep, nutrition, activity and mental wellbeing, ART’s technology will provide evidence-based data on how these factors impact the day-to-day life of people living with MND.

Motor Neurone Disease is a rare condition that progressively damages parts of the nervous system. All Paul Together, a community led by ART’s Chief Strategy Officer, Dr Paul Smith, initially partnered with the Atlantic Technological University in order to fund postgraduate research studies related to MND. ART Health Solutions is able to support the research with its smartwatch technology and insight reporting.

The All Paul Together community was formed with the primary aim of supporting Paul and his family and their ongoing fight against MND. Paul himself has continually pushed the community to further support other MND sufferers through a research and evidence-based approach to this disease.

To make this pioneering research possible, a number of supporters have stepped up to support All Paul Together – including Atlantic Technological University Lecturer Dr Ken van Someren, who is currently on an incredible 2,500km cycling challenge along Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way. If you’d like to support Ken in his fundraising challenge, you can visit his page here:

Dr Paul Smith said, “I’m delighted to see this partnership between All Paul Together, Atlantic Technological University and ART Health Solutions develop so we can fund and lead novel research related to lifestyle factors that impact MND sufferers.

This partnership has the potential to produce exciting, and possibly life-changing, results”

Atlantic Technological University is a multi-campus technological university in the west and northwest of Ireland that delivers a rich combination of academic and research excellence, quality of life and opportunity.

All Paul Together is a fundraising community set up on behalf of Paul Smith to help raise money for his fight against Motor Neurone Disease (MND).

ART Health Solutions pictures a world with healthier, happier and higher performing people. ART provides digital solutions to support the health, wellbeing and performance of employees.

Briony Sommers

Marketing Manager, ART Health Solutions

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