Maria Wallace

Data Privacy & QMS Manager

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What do you do at ART Health Solutions?

I am responsible for the implementation, certification and maintenance of the Quality Management System at ART. On a daily basis, I work with the rest of the wider team to weave their inputs and outputs into our QMS so we can review, evaluate and continually improve our products and services. You’ll find me forever risk assessing, internal auditing, SOP-writing, trend analysing, and document reviewing.

I’m also one of the points of contact initially for any Data Privacy queries that may come from our clients to ensure they have confidence in our strong cyber security and access controls such that there is a sound understanding of how seriously we take the handling of any personally identifiable, and/or sensitive information.

What’s your background?

Prior to ART I spent over 10 years implementing a Quality Management System for an IVD manufacturer in the North-East. I saw the product from the very early proof-of-concept stage right through to routine manufacture and release in order to sell product. This required a strategic and pragmatic approach such that the QMS evolved quickly and effectively around that activity. I have a degree in Biology so I love that my career in Quality allows me to still remain engaged technically within the studies at ART that deliver scientific data to support organisations in making better-informed decisions in relation to employee wellbeing and performance to make a tangible difference.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at work?

My husband and I have a young family and a very energetic dog!I like to run, but, having vowed to never do another marathon again after ticking it off my bucket list, find myself all too frequently browsing upcoming events in the UK and Europe – so we’ll see.I am a keen baker and you will quite often find me elbow deep in scones as I trade at the local markets as well as offering a little delivery service.

I love music in any format – gigs, theatre or just blasting it out in the car or through my headphones.