Behind the scenes at One Wellbeing – Tim Cowley

At ART, we’ve been working hard on our One Wellbeing platform to consistently provide a data-driven health and wellness solution tailored to employees according to their present conditions. The team behind the platform are all extremely passionate about making health and happiness a staple within their own lives, which comes through in the quality of the project.

Today, we’re in conversation with Tim Cowley, our One Wellbeing Consultant. Tim plays a significant part in promoting One Wellbeing and making it accessible to brands and businesses across various industries.

In addition to his impressive and lengthy history working within Sales, Tim offers the team a personable and positive perspective on all things related to One Wellbeing.

His essential insight into what pain points companies may be experiencing, and his ability to communicate the core benefits of One Wellbeing to them allows us to reach prospective customers authentically.

“The focus on employee wellbeing is becoming more & more prevalent,  the understanding of the benefits of a focused, loyal and happy workforce is key to success in today’s busy workforces, with employee retention and productivity have never been thought about more, so to work for a company that has such a deep understanding of how to achieve this and get the best from people to create happier, healthier and higher performing people is really exciting.”

Tim’s passion for his work within the commercial team is apparent in all of the projects he takes on – whether it’s strategising a new approach to a particular market, or collaborating with other members of ART to promote the ultimate goal of producing happier, healthier and higher performing employees.

Tim’s top tips for wellbeing at work:
– Stay confident and celebrate your successes.
– Set appropriate boundaries.
– Promote a positive workplace culture within your team.
– Take breaks when needed.

In his downtime away from working on One Wellbeing, Tim has been expanding his current level of awareness and knowledge regarding health and wellbeing, considering he’s relatively new to the industry.

He aims to connect and network with a wide range of people within the industry to learn as much as possible from them while also attending online seminars and interviews with industry leaders to gain insights he can utilise in promoting One Wellbeing. He also enjoys spending time with his wife and fussing over his neighbour’s cat.

One Wellbeing encourages users to consider optimising their daily routines and rituals to create a more cohesive lifestyle with health and wellbeing.

Tim’s habit that keeps him going throughout his typical workday is catching up with his wife in the evenings; “Every time the Mrs comes home from work, hearing her walk through the door fills me with joy because my favourite person in the world is home.

“My family live down in Devon so we like to go and visit them as often as possible.”

Tim’s tips on developing a healthy mindset:

  • Don’t compare yourself to others.
  • Embrace what makes you happy.
  • Let go of the past.
  • Stay positive and remain confident.
  • Always do your best.
  • Treat those around you with kindness.

Tim’s key advice regarding workplace wellbeing and consultation makes it easy to see that we can all make small, actionable changes daily that promote our health and minimise stress.

Staying committed to self-care may not always feel doable in the moment, but even taking little breaks and working on setting solid boundaries can be the catalyst for positive change.

Ultimately, Tim’s presence on the ART team adds to our collective knowledge and injects a more positive attitude, enabling us to progress further towards achieving our wellbeing objectives.

Chloe Grimmer

Marketing Executive, ART Health Solutions

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