Behind the scenes at One Wellbeing – Joe Kupusarevic

Recently, at ART, our dedicated efforts have been focused on enhancing our One Wellbeing platform to consistently deliver a data-driven health and wellness solution tailored to the unique needs of employees and employers alike. Our team, deeply committed to infusing health and happiness into their lives, brings this unwavering dedication to the project’s quality.

Today, we’re chatting with our Product Owner, Joe Kupusarevic. His role in innovation allows him to bring ideas to life from critical feedback and research, helping create products that can make a real difference within the wellbeing industry, utilising his experience as a Doctoral Researcher to make the most out of his role. Being part of the team for One Wellbeing, in particular, has allowed Joe to provide significant input and assistance in developing the application.

“The opportunity to shift wellbeing from merely a buzzword to a central and actionable focus within businesses and daily life. My previous work in research focused on how individuals respond to exercise, and working at ART Health allows me to apply this knowledge to a broader audience.”

“I believe One Wellbeing can serve as a valuable resource for individuals looking to understand their wellbeing better. It offers tips and information tailored to each person’s unique needs, ultimately helping them lead happier and healthier lives.”

He states further on the app: “I really like the challenge feature because it provides and promotes manageable changes to the daily routine that can make a real difference to personal wellbeing. Additionally, it is a win-win as participating in these challenges promotes personal growth and contributes to a sustainable cause through planting trees!”

Joe’s top tips for wellbeing at work:

  • Discover what works best for you, as an effective approach to wellbeing is often a highly personalised one.
  • Maintain a consistent routine.
  • Keep active with a daily walk.


“For me, the highlight of my routine is the quiet time I dedicate to myself during the morning. It helps set a positive tone for the rest of the day!”

During his leisure time out of the office when he’s not immersed in the world of One Wellbeing, Joe seeks to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. Coming from a sports science background, he often finds himself either watching or playing sports – both as a way to destress, and a way to prioritise his physical and mental wellbeing. Whether it’s watching football or going for a run, he’s always keeping active and pushing himself to show up as his best self.


Joe’s tip’s on developing a healthy mindset:

  • Try out different approaches and see what works best for you.
  • Develop strong wellbeing habits you can rely on, even during challenging times.
  • Try your best to keep active and take care of your body.

Joe’s invaluable insights into workplace wellbeing and sports science research allow us to develop quality assets that genuinely enhance the health and wellbeing of our users in an actionable and holistic way.

Remaining dedicated to self-care may sometimes seem challenging in the hustle and bustle of daily life. However, even taking a quick walk or identifying a wellbeing strategy that works for you can catalyse profound positive transformations.

Joe’s presence within the ART team enriches our shared knowledge base extensively, providing us with the opportunity to genuinely understand what we need to do to increase and optimise workplace wellbeing through data-driven innovation.



Chloe Grimmer

Marketing Executive, ART Health Solutions

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