Behind the scenes at One Wellbeing – Josh Jackman

Our latest endeavour at ART Health Solutions takes the form of our meticulously optimised One Wellbeing platform, aimed at delivering data-driven health and wellness insights tailored individually to each employee who uses it. Understanding the dedication and positivity infused into One Wellbeing becomes apparent when you become acquainted with the team behind its creation, as they are genuinely committed to offering innovative solutions for workplace wellness in everything they do.

This week, we’re in conversation with Josh Jackman, our Operations Director and a significant ART Health Solutions family member. Josh leverages his BASES Accredited Sport & Exercise Scientist expertise to significantly contribute to shaping our comprehensive approach to workplace wellbeing.

With a PhD in Exercise Physiology and an industrial background centred around providing scientific support to elite athletes, leading research projects and validating mobile health technologies, his knowledge and insight are unparalleled.  Josh has nurtured a remarkable set of skills and amassed substantial expertise in skillfully navigating his role. He has been a vital component of the ART Health Solutions team for five years. During that time, he has fostered a keen enthusiasm for employee wellbeing and health, complemented by a firm understanding of science-led data.

“I am Operations Director at ART, which means that I oversee the delivery of all our activities, aiming to ensure value and an impeccable standard of service are abundant! Regarding One Wellbeing, I have been part of the Steering Committee to input into the concept creation. I will be responsible for the operational delivery with our customers.

Oh, and I also came up with the name.”

Josh’s steadfast dedication to his key leadership position is evident in the depth of his knowledge, his confidence in his work and his diligent attention to his daily duties. Whether it’s leading concept creation for our app and assets or directing our operational delivery, his authentic enthusiasm for One Wellbeing and its mission shines through.

He continues speaking further on his experience: “What excites me most about working at ART is, without a doubt, the people. The amazing colleagues I work with daily, the brilliant stakeholders among our various clients, and all the individuals spread across the globe that we support on their health and wellbeing journey.”

“I am incredibly grateful to work with a fantastic group – Mary, Lauren, Ellie, Georgie, and Max are all part of the “Ops Team.” We work closely together from our various calls, team chats, and in-person catch-ups – rarely a day goes by when we are not in close communication. And I’d like to think we wouldn’t have it any other way because everyone truly lives and breathes ART values, and we certainly like to have a bit of fun along the way!”

Josh’s essential tips for maintaining wellbeing at work include:
• Prioritise self-care.
• Try to stay active and get some daily exercise in.
• Stay consistent in your healthy habits – remember, wellbeing at work can’t be switched on/off at will.

Outside of work, Josh is a keen sportsman who stays active and prioritises his health and wellbeing throughout various aspects of his life. As a club captain of Slough Town FC, who play in the National League South, he keeps busy by dedicating his free time to his passion for football. Josh also enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, Kate, and going out for food and drinks with family and friends on his days off.

As a whole, One Wellbeing functions as a means to inspire individuals to discover methods for incorporating healthier habits and practices into their daily lives. Josh accomplishes this by taking a daily lunchtime walk through Richmond Park. He regards this habit as an indispensable aspect of his routine, offering him the benefits of fresh air, physical activity, and a revitalising break from the stressors of everyday life.

“I never return home in a worse position than when I left.”

Josh offers these tips for cultivating a healthy mindset:

  • Remember your happiness is in your control.
  • Always prioritise gratitude – take note of all of the things you’re truly glad to have.
  • Don’t be afraid to get started and jump right in with whatever you want to do.

As the interview draws to a close, we ask what his favourite aspect of the wellbeing platform is.

“My favourite feature of the One Wellbeing app has to be the ability to grow your avatar to ultimately result in planting a tree in the real world. Developing your wellbeing AND positively impacting the planet is a win-win – but I am also a sucker for gamification. I will undoubtedly be trying to earn as many points as possible!”

We’re genuinely grateful to have Josh at the helm as the Operations Director as we venture into the launch of One Wellbeing. His priceless blend of authentic scientific expertise and enthusiastic insight into holistic wellbeing is unmistakably demonstrated through his valuable contributions to advancing this cutting-edge, data-driven platform. Ultimately, Josh’s input optimises our shared understanding and cultivates a practical and positive perspective, motivating all of us to continue our journey toward achieving our wellness objectives.

Chloe Grimmer

Marketing Executive, ART Health Solutions

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