Support our team as they ‘Fall for Paul’ this July

Three members of the ART team – Science Consultants Mary Curristin, Lauren Gourlay and Operations Director Dr Josh Jackman – will be braving a 10,000ft sky dive to raise money for All Paul Together, a fundraising community led by our Chief Strategy Officer, Dr Paul Smith.

The All Paul Together community was formed with the primary aim of supporting Paul and his family and their ongoing fight against MND. Paul himself has continually pushed the community to further support other MND sufferers through a research and evidence-based approach to this disease.

The trio will be undertaking their skydive fundraising challenge on 7 July with North London Skydiving Centre in Cambridgeshire.

All money raised will go towards providing financial support to cover Paul’s ongoing medical, transportation and accommodation costs. It will additionally aid by funding the partnership with Atlantic Technological University and ART Health Solutions, which you can read more about here.

Mary Curristin, Science Consultant at ART, said: “The support we have received in the run-up to the skydive has been fantastic and so greatly appreciated.

“The nerves are certainly kicking in now but doing it to support Paul and others with MND makes it all worthwhile.

“I’m really looking forward to the challenge. Thank you to everyone for your donations and hopefully, we can continue to raise funds for this incredible cause.”

Josh Jackman, Operations Director at ART said: “Having recently been on a plane and then imagining the door not being there and jumping out certainly hasn’t helped my nerves!

“But there is no better reason to jump out of a plane than to support Paul and others with MND.

“The support has been fantastic and makes it all worthwhile – hopefully, we can continue to raise as much as possible in the lead-up to the day!”

Lauren Gourlay, ART’s Science Consultant, said: “I have wanted to skydive for the longest time – I cannot wait to get up there!

“I am so grateful that we have this opportunity to support Paul – we really appreciate every donation!”

If you’d like to support the team in their fundraising efforts, you can visit their GoFundMe page.

We’ll be keeping you updated with their challenge on our social media pages.

Briony Sommers

Marketing Manager, ART Health Solutions

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