Dr Joe Kupusarevic

Product Owner

(+44) 7984456563

What does your job involve?

As a Product Owner within ART, my primary role within the innovation department is to define the features and the roadmap for our products. I work closely with the innovation director to ensure that we can effectively translate user stories to continuously deliver on our product needs and expectations.


What experience do you bring to ART?

Following completing my Undergraduate and Masters degrees, I have recently completed my Doctorate in Philosophy (PhD) in exercise epigenetics, which requires a primary focus on an individual and their specific responses. I have prior experience in human performance labs and professional sporting clubs, this has provided me with extensive knowledge in human health and performance. My overall experiences allow me to design studies and implement interventions to optimise human performance, whilst maintaining scientific integrity.


What do you like most about working at ART?

My work within ART allows me to work on a large variety of projects, which promotes continuous learning and improvements in a host of areas. Additionally, I have a real opportunity to educate and help people make a meaningful difference to their own wellbeing.