Lauren Gourlay

Workplace & Wellbeing Consultant

(+44) 7375918580

What do you do at ART Health Solutions?

My role at ART Health Solutions is varied and allows me to utilise my skills and expertise in the delivery of our workplace science. The primary focus of my role is to lead the project management of ART’s services within client organisations, developing a deep understanding of the needs of each client to ensure impact and value are delivered.

This involves implementing and communicating a strategy for each project based on the client’s specific needs, communicating with stakeholders across all levels and working closely with the ART team to collate several data sources to effectively communicate actionable recommendations to the client.

Having a broad knowledge of all aspects of high performance allows me to provide a holistic approach to employee health and wellbeing through evidence-based, cutting-edge, scientific data collection. Our aim is to support organisations in making better-informed decisions in relation to wellbeing and performance to make a tangible difference.

What’s your background?

From a young age my life has revolved around cycling, which led me to undertake a degree in Sports Coaching and Performance in Waterford I.T., Ireland. During those years I spent a lot of time coaching a wide variety of athletes, which included a year spent at the UCI World Cycling Centre in Switzerland, working alongside world class cyclists and coaches. I subsequently decided to further my studies in the area of sport science. I moved to England to start my postgraduate degree in Sport Physiology at the University of Chester, which I completed in 2019. After joining the ART team, I wanted to broaden my knowledge and understanding of human health and wellness within the working environment, so I decided to embark in becoming a WELL AP, a certification which I achieved in 2021.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

I spend a lot of my spare time in coffee shops or socialising over sushi. I also enjoy riding my bike and seeing new places.