Behind the scenes at One Wellbeing – Andrea Inglis

Everyday, we’re getting closer to the launch of One Wellbeing, our employee health and wellness platform, and the enthusiasm within the ART team is continuing to rise because of it. The people behind the project are just as dedicated as ever and have been working extremely hard to ensure that their sincere commitment to promoting enhanced workplace wellbeing is easy to see in the end result.  

We’re talking to Andrea Inglis – one of our key Sales Managers. Despite being a relatively new addition to the team, Andrea continues to impress us all with her authentic enthusiasm for promoting workplace wellbeing and brings a wealth of experience in Sales and Management.  

Andrea is an upbeat and passionate people-person with incredible communication skills – having spent two decades successfully working in her field. She has brought a lot to the table for the Commercial team. In just a few months, she’s become an invaluable part of how we operate with prospective clients and the public, allowing us to promote our ART assets and messaging productively. 

“My role at ART is to lead the Well BI product; this involves talking to our existing partners and leading new projects.   

“I have been involved in the progress of One Wellbeing more on the sidelines as I feel the solution would be a fantastic fit for some of our global partners when launched.” 

“ART has the wellbeing of the people at the forefront of all the decisions we make, how will it impact our team and our customers.  

“As a company, we are looking to improve more than the working life, but to improve people’s wellbeing overall; I think that’s a unique way of looking at wellbeing in the current climate.” 

Andrea’s widely applicable and highly developed skill set and knowledge of her field shine through in her dedication to her role and the ART team. So far, she’s already attended various events and liaised well with countless potential clientele, with One Wellbeing and Well BI at the forefront of her strategy.


Andrea’s key tips for wellbeing at work:

– Listen to yourself and understand your own needs.
– Utilise microbreaks.
– Set new goals periodically.
– Prioritise balance and embrace the journey.

While not at work, Andrea likes dancing and staying active, as it releases the “happy endorphins” and allows her to thrive daily.

She also loves attending art exhibitions, finding the ambiguity and beauty of the pieces inspiring, even getting lost in the moment by wondering if she’s reading the intended message correctly or making up her own story for it. 

At its core, One Wellbeing as a platform aims to act as a helpful companion, inspiring users to explore ways to enhance their daily routines and habits with the wonderful goal of enjoying improved health and wellbeing.  

Andrea’s general daily activities that allow her to become present and feel more grounded in this way are very cohesive; “I have three 10-minute joys that I schedule into my day as if they are as important as any other meeting or task.

“The first is my daughter’s debrief of her day – the topic ranges from bizarre to the unprovable, whatever is on her mind is so important to her.  

“I think it pays to listen and let her offload for her wellbeing – those ten minutes helped me gain perspective and balance the work-from-home life balance.  

“I also enjoy short burst runs with my dog to get some steps in and dancing to a feel-good track if I need a mood boost.” 

Andrea’s tips on developing a healthy mindset: 

  • Take each day as it comes. 
  • Develop self-awareness and always keep learning. 
  • Wake up and choose to be happy. 
  • Stay positive – a bad day doesn’t mean a bad week. 

Keeping a bright outlook and exercising daily is vital to Andrea’s personal wellbeing strategy!

We’re incredibly proud to have her as part of the ART team, as we learn a lot from her personal and professional perspectives – this enables us to elevate our approach to the One Wellbeing tool

With Andrea as a solid addition to our Sales department, we all feel extra motivated to take significant steps toward reaching our wellbeing goals, bolstered by her expertise and upbeat disposition. 

Chloe Grimmer

Marketing Executive, ART Health Solutions

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