Behind the scenes at One Wellbeing – Scot Forshaw

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As we begin to approach the launch of One Wellbeing – our scientifically backed, data-driven employee health and wellness solution – the ART team are growing increasingly excited about what’s to come.

We’ve been doing our absolute best to ensure that our genuine passion for accessible and optimised wellbeing, both within the workplace and at home, is apparent in every facet of this project. 

Today, we’re speaking with Scot Forshaw – our Technology Lead. Scot has been and continues to be an invaluable part of making One Wellbeing a reality, utilising his extensive knowledge of all things tech to deliver consistent and high-quality results. 

As well as his passion for holistic workplace wellbeing, Scot brings the team an incredibly impressive tech-based skillset. A qualified Computer Programmer who has worked within the field for decades, he is constantly using his ability to drive innovation and creativity in our workplace.

Having been employed at ART Health Solutions for almost two years, he’s developed a fantastic rapport with every department, remaining enthusiastic and dedicated while guiding others on the Tech team to help them reach their fullest potential.  

“As the Technical Director, my role often involves wearing a few hats!”

“My expertise in architectural approaches was used in the planning stages to inform the innovation process.

“In simple terms, it helps the business understand the art of the possible from a technology perspective.

 “Once the design was understood, the technical team brought that to life.

 “I learned early on that ART is a company that lives by the values it promotes. This important characteristic ensures that working at ART is rewarding and exciting.  

 “Having founders who are passionate about what they do, who strive to ensure that the company learns from the people it employs, and I guess being able to finally deliver products that promote wellbeing improvements to customers with that same level of care… That is awesome.” 

Scot’s unwavering commitment to his managerial role within the team is evident in his steadfast passion for technology. He has a lot on his plate – from taking part in the technical coding process to ensuring that everyone on the Tech team feels supported and stays on track – and yet he continues to thrive when it comes to working on One Wellbeing and optimising the platform.

Scot’s key tips for wellbeing at work:

– Get moving and stay active.
– Take part in self-reflection.
– Prioritise time management and keeping a good routine.
– Spend time in nature when you can.

During his downtime, Scot enjoys electronic design, satellite communications, hill walking and amateur radio. He often likes to mix all four and participate in radio-based mountain activations, taking home-designed radio equipment to remote mountain locations to communicate globally with like-minded people. This encourages physical fitness and technical skills – and is a great outdoor activity! 

In essence, One Wellbeing is a tool that encourages users to investigate methods for improving their daily routines and practices, aiming to become aligned with the opportunity to experience optimised health and wellbeing. Scot’s typical daily habit that makes him feel more grounded is taking an early morning walk with his partner and his dog, Pierre.  

Scot’s tips on developing a healthy mindset: 

  • Set your intentions and incorporate steps to achieve them. 
  • Learn to say no. 
  • Learn to say YES! 
  • Develop healthy habits.

Whether it’s making time to practice the hobbies he loves or building up the courage to say yes, it’s clear that Scot has developed a solid approach to personal and professional wellbeing that genuinely works for him.

We couldn’t be happier to have him as part of the ART team, offering insight that allows us to reach our core goals and aims as a company time and time again.

Having Scot on board empowers us all to make more significant strides toward achieving our wellbeing objectives, armed with additional knowledge and a notably more positive outlook. 

Chloe Grimmer

Marketing Executive, ART Health Solutions

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